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Frequently asked questions

Is the competition limited only to students or professionals?

Our competitions are open to everyone over 18 who wishes to participate and showcase their ideas and solutions to the challenges posed in the competition. Both students and professionals from any discipline: architects, designers, engineers, photographers, etc.

Can I register today and modify my team members later?

Yes, you can always add, remove, or change your team members. You will find a link to do this in the participant area on our website.

How many participants can there be per team? Is individual participation allowed?

Teams can have between 1 and 4 participants, therefore individual participation is completely valid.

After registering, what should I receive?

You should receive two emails at the email address entered during the payment process. The first confirming your payment with an order number you must use to identify your project, and a second welcome email with the link to download the contest material. If after 24 hours you have not received these emails, check your spam folder, and if you can’t find them, contact us via our email:

What do I need to submit for the contest?

Participants must send two digital files through the participant area of our website: an “A1 Board” in JPEG or JPG format and a “Project Description” of up to 400 words in PDF format. Both files must be named with the order number that appears in the payment confirmation email you will receive after registering. You can find all the details in the contest briefing under the “Presentation” section.

Can my team submit more than one proposal?

Yes, you can submit as many proposals as you wish, but you will need to register for the contest as many times as you want to submit proposals.

I'm having trouble completing the payment:

Some countries have restrictions on international payments, which could prevent your bank from approving the transaction and hinder successful registration. If this occurs, try registering again using a different credit card, preferably from another bank or one that supports international transactions. If the problem persists, please contact us at

I can't find my country among the options during the registration process

In that case, please select any other country (this is only for statistical purposes) and send us an email at indicating the country you want listed for your team.

What languages are accepted for the submitted materials?

The accepted languages are Spanish, English, and Catalan.

Is the event in-person or online?

The event is in-person and will be held during the Barcelona Architecture Weeks. We invite you to register on our website to attend in person.

Can I use another block or building to locate my project?

Yes, you can, but we recommend placing it on the proposed prototype block so that the participating projects can be more easily evaluated by the jury.